• massages and treatments of high standard and quality

    • organic aromatherapy, high quality oils

    • massage studio in Paris 75018

    • a fully dedicated and private massage space

    • shower before and after massage

    • a comfortable massage surface

    • professional and fully certified massage therapist

    • personalized service

    • attentive to your needs

Ayurvedic massage therapist

Ayurvedic massage therapist in paris – Contact Mark by SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram + 33 6 42 27 36 80

  • Appointment only

Contact Mark by email – contact@gdmassage.com

SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram + 33 6 42 27 36 80

Massage studio in Paris 75018, close to Gare du Nord

Out calls on request

An overview of massages and treatments on offer

  • Ayurvedic hot oil massage
    Full body massage associating softness and tonicity for deep relaxation

  • Indo thaï hot oil massage
    Sports deep tissue massage with twists and stretches for improved flexibility

  • Thaïl traditional dry massage – fully clothed –
    Accupressure massage along the energy lines with twists stretches for muscular release

Feet and hands are included in all massages

  • Options
    Head and scalp massage  (optional)
    Foot massage using a copper bowl (optional)

Specialized treatments

  • Dry herbal scrub
    Ayurvedic herbal mix applied to the body for skin cleansing and tonification

  • Shirodhara
    Hot oil flow on the third eye region of the forehead with a smooth body massage.

  • Full facial treatment
    Cleansing, herbal scrub, honey mask, massage


  By appointment only

Contact Mark email – contact@gdmassage.com

SMS, Whatsapp, Telegram + 33 6 42 27 36 80